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ere's some really great news for you.  You no longer have to dig for that needle in a haystack opportunity, or get ripped off again in order to make money online!

Right now I'm here to tell you straight up that there is an honest way for you to make money online without joining another network marketing opportunity, another high risk investment program, creating elaborate websites or becoming the next internet marketing guru. I'm literally a regular guy that found a way to make money online. Look at my video. I'm not the most exciting guy. I know that. I'm not slick and I'm not a sales guy. But I am excited every time I make money online from Craigslist and you will be too ! You don't have to be the smartest,most beautiful, outgoing person out there. All you need to be able to do is follow my simple easy to use steps.

Before I created this webpage, I searched long and hard for the right money-making opportunity so that I could leave the "rat race" to rediscover my personal freedom.  

Like many people out there, I struggled for many years to find a way to make some extra income hoping that it would eventually replace my full-time J.O.B. income. 

I just didn't like having to constantly worry about the next layoff or downsizing...So I had to find a way to break free!

Imagine Spending Your Time Sitting Under The Sun
While You Make Money Online With Your Laptop After Using My Real and Fool-Proof Methods!  This system is about empowering yourself so that you can make make money and not have to worry about trading dollars for hours. Start letting the money roll in so that you can do what you really want which is spend time with your friends and family and free up time so that you don't have to work as hard on the daily grind

Over the last 15 years I have spent thousands of hard-earned dollars on almost everything you can imagine both online and offline.  All I wanted to do was just make money. Is that so wrong ? Why was it so hard !!! 

Just to name few...  there's multilevel marketing, mail order, gifting programs, envelope stuffing, buying real estate, tax liens, foreclosures, trading mortgage paper(or notes).

And then came 900 numbers, buying overstock inventory, high yield investments, foreign currency trading, paid surveys, get paid to read emails, hotel seminars and even lotteries.

Even after purchasing all the junk programs out there, I wasn't ahead financially.  As a matter of fact, I ended up in even more debt than before I started.  My wife didn't believe anything I said anymore. 

The sad thing is that it made me feel like I didn't have enough support for my dreams.  This is a tough situation emotionally and spiritually.

But I believed in my heart that there had to be some honest ways to make money online and work from home, so I kept persisting to find an answer, even if it meant being quiet about it for the time being. 

It's a good thing I didn't give up because...

"I've Got Your Ticket to Freedom Right Here!"

It all started when my wife became pregnant. I wanted her to work from home and so did she. That was great except that after a few months our money ran out.

Our credit card debt shot up and all of a sudden I was having trouble paying the mortgage. So we did what a lot of people do. We had a yardsale. Except the problem with this is everyone low balled us and we didn't make any real money. I got rid of the rest of my "junk" at a thrift store for free.

It turns out I wasn't even in there 5 minutes and I saw a woman carrying a piece of luggage I just brought in. I went up to her and asked her how much she paid for it. She said 20 dollars ! Now this doesn't sound like a lot but remember I just gave this away 5 minutes ago and she is buying it. The only reason she bought it was because she saw it. She didn't know about my yardsale.

Then a lightbulb went off. How could I get people to buy stuff from me be it my junk, someone elses junk or quality stuff ? I didn't have money for a store. All of a sudden I realized Craigslist ! Over 50 million people go to that site every month. I could put those people together with what I am selling. The eyeballs are huge and the competition is ten times less than ebay. From then on this was the ticket to freedom for me!  But it is not just about knowing about Craigslist. I give you all of the tips I use to let you stand out in front of the crowd. I guarantee with my strategies you will outsell people 5 times to 1 because you know what to say and what to do. If you don't know what Craigslist is it is basically the worlds biggest classified ads section except online. The great thing about it is that it is free to post !

Let me first state that I'm not a big risk taker... unless you consider me joining all of the failed business opportunities listed above a huge risk? I didn't see myself that way but I guess I was. I just wanted some extra money !

You see, prior to my introduction to Craigslist , I was making money the hard way, joining one MLM company after the next.


The problem with network marketing is that although you can get plenty of people interested in your business and compensation plan, 98% of the people who join you will ultimately quit. Why?

It's hard to say, but my belief is that people may not have the business experience they think they have, but I believe that people just HATE cold calling others, and that's just what it takes to be successful in network marketing.

Everything they join is usually short-lived. And to be honest, I've been guilty of that too earlier on in my network marketing ventures.  So if 98% of your downlines quit, how can you make money?

That is the question of the century and I wish there were an easy answer to that. Other than just struggling along and recruiting new people constantly, there's no way around that problem.

I'll tell you more about how to make money the EASY way in just 1 more minute. But first let me tell you what this doesn't involve so that you don't waste your energy thinking it's something that it's not.

Make Money The Easy Way Without The Hassles
Of Traditional Opportunities

If you have always hoped for a way to earn some income without the hassles of high investment costs of a franchise business, or without the hassles involved with network marketing, then look no further.

Because you've found something here that you will not find anywhere else in magazines or on the Internet.  Let me tell you what this is NOT about...

    No business startup fees

    No stocking of expensive inventory like vitamins and minerals

    No more scams like rebate processing and data entry

    No more buying expensive leads

    Not stocks, forex, commodities or high yield investments

    No office or rent - just a computer and internet connection is all that is needed

    No more ugly bosses to report to

    No more commuting in traffic

    No cold calling or recruiting (no talking to anyone)

    Not MLM or network marketing

    No money doublers or ponzi schemes

    Not handing out cards to high school kids

    Not getting paid pennies to read emails all day long

    No envelope stuffing (which is really advertising)

This Is NOT Another 'Run of the Mill' Money-Making Opportunity!

Now It's Your Turn To Learn The "Amazing Secrets" To Making a Great Living Quietly... And Why These Goldmine Methods Will Work Repeatedly, Even If You're Sitting In Front of Your Computer In Your Underwear Planning Your Next Vacation!

I understand that there are many scams and junk programs out there. Hey, I was once an opportunity junkie myself and I practically own every program you've seen or heard of. Most of the programs have been packed away in a closet in a taped up box, or sitting somewhere in my computer hard drive.

However, since I'm always looking for innovative ways to make money, I still keep an open mind when opportunity knocks, but I also have some strict requirements when pursuing a money making activity (because I've been burned so many times in the past).

Some Requirements For Money Making Activities:

    Must be able to do anytime and from anywhere in the world (because I like to travel)

    Does not require selling anything to anyone - NO buying leads, no selling, no convincing!

    Does not have to do with pyramid schemes like money doublers, HYIP or downline building programs

    Allows you to determine how much you want to make (from your own efforts)

    Does not require a huge financial investment (like a stock market account)

    Has a solid risk and reward ratio so that you can manage your profits and expenses

    Doesn't require purchasing other expensive tools or services to get started

    Must allow you to spend time during hours of the day that are convenient for you

The reason I came up with these requirements is because I was burned so many times in my past, one business opportunity after the next. I have spent well over $50,000 in junk programs in the past and my wife would not hear of another one.

Even the coaching I purchased from my previous mentor cost me over $2000. Now I had to build up my courage to prove to my wife once and for all that I had the winning strategy for success, or I would face a very challenging marriage ahead.

When I finally showed my wife my amazing results and asked her to put my money making methods to the test, she was absolutely surprised by the results it produced! 

She looked at me, smiled and told me how proud she was of me. There is no greater compliment you can receive from family than how proud they are of you.

No longer did I have to hear her doubt in the back of my mind. I felt total and complete confidence in myself and experienced a whole new positive outlook in life!

That's because when I know a good thing I don't give up, and you shouldn't either. 

I learned the ropes quickly, partnered up with the right people, and became passionate about making a living from the money making methods that you're going to get access to today.   

Are You Asking These Questions?

Q:  "After I enroll in the program, are there any additional costs to get started?"

The methods I reveal to you are FREE to use, where you can start making money right away without any further investment.  The primary thing that is required is a little of your time and effort.

Q:  "Do your methods involve anything illegal, adult related, or gambling related?"

No.  Every program has been tested and proven to work legitimately, and in most countries around the world.

Q:  "Can I do this, can I really make money?"

While the methods are designed with the average person in mind, it still takes action on your part.  If you're the type of person who is a doer and not just a talker, then you'll be fine.   Otherwise, if you don't plan on reading and following the instructions, and then executing on those instructions, then this is definitely not for you.   As a matter of fact, making money may not be for you entirely. Because if you can't take action on the simple methods I offer you, there's no way you're going to take action on all of complicated programs in the marketplace. I show you how to make a website in under a minute using my template and host it for a penny. I show you how to make money without a website by literally getting free goods to sell. I tell you how to find what people are literally begging for and give it to them for a profit. I tell you how to get a limitless amount of products that you don't have to buy until you have a buyer for them and make a profit on each transaction. Those are just to name a few.

Q:  "Will you help me if I get stuck?"

I think you already know the answer to this one, but I'll say it anyway.... YES!!!!   You can call me,   email me, or Skype (instant messenger) me.    Plenty of ways for you to reach me, don't worry.

I'm a firm believer in not only over-delivering quality information, but helping the "little guy" along the way. 

Remember, I was once the "little guy" too who just wanted to make enough money to quit my job, and I tried many methods along the way to get me to where I'm at.

But if I had someone like me help me back in the days, I could have found success much sooner, by learning how to do things "outside of the box".




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